ABOUT TAMMYTammy Morley (they/she) is a non-binary composer, music producer and game developer from Cambridge, UK. They primarily do compositional work on a number of games typically implementing styles that are atmospheric, retro-inspired and bittersweet. Whilst actively taking projects, they are an active team member of the Creature Friends development studio.Alongside composition for games, they are best-known under the alias of Hexosphere and produce a hybrid genre of music called Digital Fusion, blending elements of Chiptune, Dreamy Shoegaze dressed in the intense dronings of wall-of-sound production.To offset the music work, I also enjoy developing games in my free time! Currently I'm reworking my first 3D game Lys' Nightmare. If you would be interested in collaborating on a project feel free to contact me! :)TOOLS USEDA: Studio One, M8 Tracker, FamiTracker, MilkyTracker, PataTracker, Polyend Tracker, UTAU, Pure Data/MaxB: Unity, Blender, DaVinci Resolve, Clip Studio Paint and Aseprite

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HEXOSPHERE BIO"Hexosphere creates digital fantasy dream pop. Through the blending of musical styles such as chiptune and shoegaze, Hexosphere is painting a world that is as cold and dark as it is elegant and beautiful."Hexosphere is also part of noise pop band florelle!loud emotional bangers that make your heart beat fastヘ ヘ

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Audio Portfolio

Music Production

Tracks and songs I have written and produced. florelle songs were written in collaboration with Lumin and vera, etc. while I mixed and mastered the songs myself. I work primarily in Studio One but am capable of utilising other DAWs and software such as Ableton, Reaper and an assortment of music trackers like MilkyTracker and FamiTracker.

Composition for Games

Playlist of compositions created for various games over the years.

Linear Sound Redesign

Also able to provide sound design work if needed such as this sound redesign of the Shadow of the Colossus Remake Trailer.

Visual Portfolio

Video Productions/Live Performances

Performance on Chipfest Cyberspace 9 27/02/21, premiering songs off of then-upcoming album LEXI'S UNIVERSE. Heavy use of projected visuals and edited/produced with DaVinci Resolve. Total of 3 shows have been performed with projected visuals.

Concept Art

Concept artwork for a personal project.

Graphic Design

Custom designed cassette tapes + Music Artwork.



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note: i won't be going to chipwrecked denmark due to passport processing issues :( sorry to anyone looking forward

All my shows have a photosensitivity/epilepsy warning.

Past EventNoteDate
Chipfest Cyberspace 13[Halloween Cover]30.10.21
Metazoa Online Festival-20.06.21
Chipfest Cyberspace 9Lexi's Universe Preview27.02.21
OnceSuperPortable!First AV Set27.12.20
Chiptune Night EP12-27.12.20
ANDROMEDA festival-10.07.20
Second Aether-29.03.20

Infinite Sad (YouTube upload post-poned)

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Careful, Blissful

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Lexi vs. The Universe

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