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ABOUT TAMMYTammy Morley (she/they) is a British-Indonesian game designer, programmer and audio producer from Cambridge, UK. They produce games and art that are often retro-inspired, bittersweet and shrouded in esoteric fantasy.Skilled in Game Design and Audio Production but determined to improve always!Previous team member of Creature FriendsAlongside work on games, they are best-known under the alias of Hexosphere and produce electronic shoegaze. Also a band member of florelle! a noise pop internet band.TOOLS USEDA: Studio One, M8 Tracker, FamiTracker, MilkyTracker, PataTracker, Polyend Tracker, UTAU, Pure Data/MaxB: Unity, PlayMaker, Audiokinetic Wwise, Clip Studio Paint, Blender, DaVinci Resolve, and Aseprite

HEXOSPHERE BIO"Hexosphere creates digital fantasy dream pop. Through the blending of musical styles such as chiptune and shoegaze, Hexosphere is painting a world that is as cold and dark as it is elegant and beautiful."Hexosphere is also part of noise pop band florelle!loud emotional bangers that make your heart beat fastヘ ヘ


  • florelle - flying colours (mixing, mastering)

  • florelle - art practice (mixing, mastering)

  • Hexosphere - LEXI'S UNIVERSE

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Wwise Adventure Game (University Module)

Role: Programming, Audio Implementation (Wwise)


For a university module, we had to work with the Wwise Adventure Game and put our own spin on it as well.For my implementation, I did things like time of day-relative ambience, a TV that plays audio when smacked and a celestial moon that appears at night and occasionally screams.

Shadow of the Colossus Trailer Sound Redesign (University Module)


For a university module, we had to pick a trailer of our choose to redo the sound design entirely. I chose one of my favourite games: Shadow of the Colossus.All audio is a mixture of Soundly, self-recorded ambience, foley and processed sound design.




Assume the form of a doll and make your way out of this decrepit prison. Like a crossbreed between Sekiro and Demon's Souls.This is the result of 8 months of solo development, with some assistance from my good friend archieb303 during the final month of development. This project was made to practice Level Design, Animations, Programming and Game Design.The game was featured in a video by Iron Pineapple! Since then it has garnered over 2000 downloads!

Level Design Retrospective

Prison 3F Tutorial
I wanted to make a prison-themed tutorial stage that had a looping level design, with the player circling the stage and revisiting rooms. Another crucial focus was providing optional and/or "out-of-bounds" content to enjoy out of leisure. I was able to deliver upon this with the level that was present in PRISON OF HUSKS. Details can be read in the gallery images below.

Concept Art Comparison + Final Thoughts
The resulting level was a great success! Comments, playthroughs and data from the feedback form define the level as one of the primary highlights of the game.
One aspect I was particularly glad with, from both feedback and witnessing gameplay, was the variation in player experience despite the level's small scale.
As a result of its positive reception however, I did not receive any in-depth feedback as much critique was reserved for areas like the combat or difficulty.In short, I gauged that the level served its purpose well and made for an all-round enjoyable dynamic experience and it's definitely an essence I want to recapture in future levels for this project's continuted development and future projects too.

Level Playthrough
Video of me running through the level. Would recommend trying it for yourself first!

Design Retrospective

Armour System
This system was developed to encourage exploration, taking risks and maintain aggressive combat when engaged.
The player expects to regularly take damage in an action-adventure game, especially a souls-like, however I noticed that this would encourage most players to shy away from danger and miss out on an enthralling experience by not taking the risk of participating in a more active gameplay style.

Audio Design + Implementation

Kaiju: City Defender DX - Bullet Hell Jam 2023



Developed in a team of 6 as part of the Bullet Hell Jam 2023, a game jam that took the course of 10 days.Destroy a kaiju dragon that is invading the city, however your helicopter can't take it down on its own! With the help of various turret buildings you can endure the assault and deliver enough damage per second to take down the kaiju whilst avoiding their perilous attacks.Development took place over 10 days. My core role was composition, however I also helped set up all the camera systems with Cinemachine and implementation/integration for both audio and user interface with Wwise.

Friend Collector - 32bit Game Jam



Developed in collaboration with Greg Sutton.We wanted to create a fishing game with a twist by incorporating rhythm game elements. The player would perform the rhythm game whilst maintaining their balance via holding the triggers. Missed notes would punish the player by throwing them off-balance, a distraction from the rhythm game that challenges the player to maintain focus.The gameplay loops consists of performing the rhythm game well to increase your fish's value, purchasing time extensions and using consumables to alter the odds of catching your desired fish. The overall goal is to fill out your fishing log before the time runs out.Development took place over 2 weeks. A total of 3 3D models, 6 Music Tracks were developed alongside all of the spritework, key art and programming assistance.The game placed a #7 Overall Rating and #1 Sound Rating out of over 120 submissions.

Design Retrospective

A core element I designed was the Shop and Timer, which was supposed to reflect a parking meter. The goal of the game was to collect all the "friends", earning money to juggle between extending your time whilst purchasing new lures to guarantee collection of each category.Despite the game's positive reception, we did find that the intended endgame was not feasible due to the heavy reliance on RNG. The player had control over which category of "friend" they wanted to catch, as well as the amount of time they could have before the game is over, but not over the rarity of the catch.

As a result I designed some bait items used to alter the RNG in the player's chosen favour (Eg. high odds of catching a Rare, or a Legendary). Each bait costing a different amount, forcing the player to review their options when choosing between purchasing Time, Lures (Catch Category) and Bait (Catch Rarity).

Lys' Nightmare - Academic Project



Developed during my final year at Bath Spa University. The goal was to develop a game that tied with my artist identity, something to be connected to my album LEXI'S UNIVERSE.The gameplay is reminiscent of Dark Souls, requiring the player to explore a gothic town and think tactically about their next move to avoid death. Exploration is key and rewarded, granting shortcuts like unlockable doors and elevators.Programming was done with PlayMaker's Visual Scripting tool in Unity while 3D models and animations were done in Blender.

Design Retrospective

Project: Sporox - Funded Incubator Project (Tranzfuser 2022)



Developed as part of Creature Friends, a team of 5 university graduates.Initially conceived during a university module as a small prototype, it was applied and accepted onto the Tranzfuser 2022 programme.The game was developed over 3 months with the general level being developed in the first 2 months while characters and music were completed in the final month leading up to the game's showcase.The game was showcased at EGX London in September of 2022. Whilst we faced some UX issues, overall response was positive toward the game's concept, its quirky characters, unique visual style and audio.

Audio Producer Portfolio

Games Showcased

Prison of Husks - Audio Design + Implementation

In 2023 I focused on my portfolio and developed a game called Prison of Husks as a practice project for game design and audio implementation.
Below are some clips showcasing the sound design in action (with music muted in-game).

New Combat Sound Design

This video showcases the new sounds I recently designed to improve the game feel with the revised combat system.Sounds showcased:
* Perfect Guard
* Early Guard
* Block
* Guard Break
* Disrupt with Melee Weapon
* Disrupt with Projectile
* Break Opponent's Armour
Further into the video is a concise sound design breakdown as well.

Ambience Showcase

This video is a brief overview of some of the spaces you can explore in the 1.02 build which features much improved ambience not present in the 1.00 release.Gameplay footage is presented alongside the in-engine screens of what AkRoom components are active and their respective settings.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake - Sound Redesign

For a university module, we had to choose a trailer to redo the sound design of entirely. I chose one of my favourite games: Shadow of the Colossus.All audio is a mixture of Soundly, self-recorded ambience, foley and processed sound design using synths such as Vital and Serum.

Music Portfolio

Spotlight Playlist! (Games + Production)

VGM OSTs Produced

Albums Produced

Tracks and songs I have written and produced. florelle songs were written in collaboration with Lumin and vera, etc. while I mixed and mastered the songs myself. I work primarily in Studio One but am capable of utilising other DAWs and software such as Ableton, Reaper and an assortment of music trackers like MilkyTracker and FamiTracker.

Compilations Contributed


I will produce music to fit your digital fantasy hellscape!!
Styles: Chiptune, VGM, Shoegaze, Hyperpop, Breakcore, Math Rock, 90s, 2000s

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